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Our Mission

The purpose of Antigo Volleyball Booster Club is to sponsor fundraising events to support the Antigo Red Robin Volleyball program, and also to promote spirit and camaraderie among the players, coaches, parents, fans and the community. We are committed to provide a safe place for our youth, and a quality program that promotes teamwork, discipline, honesty, self-esteem and good work ethics. The Antigo Volleyball Booster Club has an upstanding tradition of support to volleyball programs of All ages from High School all the way down to our feeder programs in grade schools in the Antigo Area. As a club we work hand in hand with coaches to provide the tools needed to coach volleyball in a competitive atmosphere.

The sole purpose of the Antigo Volleyball Booster Club is to support all ages of volleyball in Antigo. Sponsored events throughout the year include Tomahawk summer league and various tournaments throughout the season.

Our biggest fund raiser is the annual cookie dough sale. This fundraiser raises money for major expenditures like our automatic ball machine. This tool can serve, set, and hit. To volleyball players this is necessity that very few schools of our size have. Other expenditures are jersey’s, warmups, volleyball equipment.

Antigo Volleyball Booster Club is a transparent club and everyone is welcome, and we would encourage you to attend our meetings. 

Thank you to all the donors that have made the club and volleyball season a success.

With Kind Regards,
Kevin Fischer, President


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