Antigo Volleyball

October 2016-December 2016 Expenses

10/4/2016 Arby’s (food for girls tournament)

10/3/2016 Clermont Printing (poster printing) 10/6/2016 Frisch Greenhouse (senior night) 10/6/2016 Frisch Greenhouse (parent night)

10/12/2016 Pennyz Party Town (decorations senior night)

10/6/2016 Antigo Sportswear (pink shirts and embroidery) 10/11/2001 Bette Ebel (varsity picture)

10/11/2016 Antigo Daily Journal

10/11/2016 Printwear (extra shirts from camp) 10/11/2016 Reetz Inc (extra apparel)

10/11/2016 Matt Meronk

10/24/2016 Antigo School District (jerseys, equipment) 10/26/2016 Premier Designs

11/4/2016 AARF

10/16/2016 Jesse Knetter (food reimburse/tournaments) 11/8/2016 Refuge (banquet)

10/24/2016 Aspirus Langlade Hospital (pink donation) 12/23/2016 Hickey’s Floral




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