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Antigo Volleyball

Antigo Volleyball Booster Club Meeting Minutes

August 27, 2019, 6:30 pm
Antigo High School
Present: Kevin Fischer, Kami Fischer, Sherry Aulik, Melissa Cornelius, Jesse Knetter, Beth Decker, Lynn
Dafoe, Cate Below, Jesse Knetter, Randy Parilek, Sarah Fleischman, Lori Nelson, Beth Decker, Kristen
Burkhart, Tammy DeWan, Jerry DeWan, and Trevor McCarthy.
Treasurer’s Report – Kevin reported the clubs balance to be about $17,000 (uniforms and standards
have not been paid yet). He also reviewed other expenses that have been paid.
Work Schedules
 Signs up to work concessions at the 3 tournaments were circulated
 Christy will run the middle school tournament on September 3 and Beth will take care of the
high school.
o Tammy will make buttered noodles for concessions
o Beth will pick up soda and water
 Team dinner sign ups were circulated
 Christy Lese and John Speigl will coordinate the 50/50 raffles at home games
Summer League and All Skills Camp
 The all skills camp had been cancelled due to lack of participation.
 Summer League – attendance was good, the intent was skills development for the varsity girls.
Jesse said it was a good event and plans to continue in future years.
 Summer League – Kevin proposed that $150 be provided to Jesse to cover gas money to the
games. The reimbursement was approved.
Coaches Report – Jesse reported on the following items:
 Cookie Dough- the clubs largest fund raiser will soon begin; all players are expected to sell.
 Jerseys – New jerseys will be purchased for Varsity; the jerseys from last year will be passed to
JV; and JV shirts will be passed to JV2.
 Carbon fiber standards were purchased in place of the old metal ones. Cost was just under
 A second iPad was purchased for coaches to use. With two iPads available one can be used for
taking live stats and the other for video of games and practices.
 It was approved that the Booster Club will pay for lunch, up to $10 per day for each girl, at
Wisconsin Dells and other tournaments.
 Coaches –
o Coach Hauser is the new JV Coach
o Coach Oxley will continue coaching JV2
o Coach Andi Gretzinger is planning to assist when her schedule permits

 Website – Chad Cornelius of Search360 LLC updated all the teams onto the Club website. Chad is given 2 season
passes in return for his work. It was approved that the Club would provide the passes again.
Next meeting TBD

Antigo Volleyball Booster Club Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2019, 5:30 p.m.
Antigo High School
Present: Kevin Fischer, Kami Fischer, Carlene Nagel, Sherry Aulik, Melissa Cornelius, Jesse Knetter, Beth
Decker, Lynne Dafoe and Cate Below
The Booster Club will provide concessions for weekend tournaments as part of our fund-raising efforts.
Concessions for games held during the week will be provided by the Student Council and Skills USA
Discussion took place about whether new uniforms should be ordered, and if so for which teams. A vote
was taken, and it was decided that new uniforms will be purchased for the varsity team (one short
sleeve and one long sleeve jersey). Existing jerseys would then be passed down to JV and JV2.
Spring League
Discussion took place about spring league. Calls will be made to try to pull together a few teams from
area schools that are within a reasonable driving distance.
Election of Officers and New Board Members
The following individuals were nominated and elected to serve as Club Officers: Kevin Fischer,
President; Beth Decker, Vice President; Sherry Aulik, Secretary; and Carlene Nagel, Treasurer. As there
were subsequently two vacant positions on the board, Lynn DeFoe and Kate Below were nominated and
accepted positions as directors.
The picnic is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, August 27 th at 6:00 pm at the high school. The Club will
cover the cost of meat and beverages.
Coaches Report and Approvals
 Summer League – There will be one team for the Weston summer league. It was approved to
pay the $250 registration fee.
 Cookie Dough Sales – All players will be asked to sell cookie dough as one of the club’s primary
fund raisers. Jesse will have them delivered on a day other than Friday.
 A hospitality room will be provided for coaches and referees during the Great Northern
Conference on September 21. The Booster Club will pay for the food and refreshments.
 Wisconsin Dells Tournament – Varsity will leave on August 28 th for this tournament. The Club
will cover the cost of dinners out (2 nights) and hotel rooms.
 Lunch – The board approved Jesse to cover the cost of lunch for each player at each tournament
provided it is not in violation of any rule to do so. The Club will reimburse these costs.
 Coaches – Coach Andi Gretzinger and Coach Emma Nicholson have both indicated they have
other commitments so will not be able to coach this fall. Coach Hannah has said she will

continue to serve as a coach. It was approved to give Jesse discretion in offering a coach’s

stipend to an individual who has approached him about assisting with coaching. Other
recommendations for coaches are needed.
 Standards – The board voted to cover the cost of new standards and gave Jesse discretion in
selecting and purchasing them up to a maximum of $5,000.
 Coaches Apparel – The Club will reimburse each coach for up to two items of apparel needed
for coaching
The meeting was adjourned.

Antigo Volleyball Booster Club Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2018, 6:10 p.m.

Antigo High School

Present: Kevin Fischer, Kami Fischer, Heather McCann, Carlene Nagel, Sherry Aulik, Melissa Cornelius, Jesse Knetter, Beth Decker, Tammy DeWan and Michelle Knapkavage

Summer Picnic
Discussion took place about the picnic which will take place Monday, August 20 from 6:00 – 7:30 pm at Antigo High School Commons. The Booster Club will provide meat, buns, condiments and paper products. Each family will be asked to bring a pot luck dish to pass.

Team Pictures and Senior Posters
Team and individual pictures will be taken by Harmann Studios Wednesday, August 22. Maggie Winters and/or Beth Decker will take additional photos to be used for banners and signs. Beth will contact Maggie. The Booster Club will cover the cost of senior posters.

Dells Tournament
Hotel rooms have been booked and transportation reserved for the varsity team traveling to Wis. Dells August 23-25. The Booster Club covers these costs and pays for some meals for the team.

Cookie Dough
Jesse reported that the team cookie dough sale starts on Friday with information being sent home with the girls. Money will be collected Friday, August 31 and cookies will be ready for pick-up at 3:00 pm Friday, September 14. Each player will be asked to sell 30 boxes, with prizes of cash and/or apparel being awarded for those who sell 30, 40 or 50 boxes of cookies.

Team Dinners
Each team will be asked to host a team dinner the night before each of the three home games: Varsity will host Wednesday, August 29. Junior Varsity will host Monday, September 10. Junior Varsity 2 will host Monday, September 24. More details will be shared at the Summer Picnic.

Parents Night
Parents night will be Tuesday, September 11 with players presenting their parents with a rose. The Club purchases the roses and Michelle volunteered to order and pick up the flowers.

Senior Night
Senior night will be Tuesday, September 25 which is the last home game. The Booster Club will reimburse each player up to $20 for gifts they purchase for the senior players.

Fundraiser Night
It was not decided if a fund raiser night will be held. More discussion on this will occur at the picnic.

Concessions at Home Tournaments
It was discussed how to handle concessions for home games and tournaments as there has not been a lot of interest. Carlene said the 4-H Dairy Committee may do concessions as a fund raiser. In the event this does not get finalized, the Booster Club members and parents agreed they would be sure a simple menu of food, beverages and snacks was available.
Note: A day after the meeting, Michelle Knapkavage reported the Dairy Committee would not be doing concessions, but Bree Kratz volunteered to have Student Council handle the concessions. We are grateful for their willingness to help. Student Council will do concessions for the games on Aug. 30, Sept. 11 and Sept. 25. This leaves the games on Aug. 28 (JV and JV2 games at both locations), Sept. 13 (JV2 game), and Regionals and Sectionals which will need to be covered by the Club and parents.

50/50 Raffle
We are still looking for someone to handle the 50/50 raffle. This will be brought up at the picnic.

Chad Cornelius will be completely updating the website. He is also the person who regularly keeps the site up-to-date with team information. As a thank you, the Booster Club is purchasing a Red Robin Family Sports Pass to give to Chad.

Treasurer’s Report
Carlene provided her report, noting that after accounting for year-to-date revenues and expenses the Club has a balance of $13,077.33 in their account.

Team Coaches
The contract for Andi Gretzinger to serve as Assistant Varsity Coach was signed by the appropriate officers. The JV Coach will be Emma Nicholson; and JV2 Coach will be Hannah Oxley.

The meeting was adjourned.

Antigo Volleyball Booster Club Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2017

Antigo High School Commons

  1. Meeting called to order by Kevin Fischer.

  1. Treasurer’s Report-Report for 2nd Quarter 2017 (4/1/17-6/30/17) handed out by Carlene Nagel.

  1. Approve Bills-Extension cord for volleyball machine was approved.

  1. Coaches Update-Jesse Knetter

-Volleyball picnic will be held in the AHS Commons on August 22nd at 6:15pm. It will be a potluck with booster club supplying the meat and drinks. Senior parents will organize.

-Cookie Dough forms will be handed out to players this Friday, 8/17/17. Cost has increased to $18/box with goal of selling 30 boxes per player. Delivery will be on 9/13/17 from 1-3pm.

 -Senior Night will be Oct 12th. There are 6 seniors. Motion made to approve a $20 cap for players purchasing the Senior gifts and booster club will reimburse the players.

-Parents Night will be Sept 25th. Motion made to approve the booster club covering the cost of flowers for parents up to $200. Melissa will take care of getting the flowers.

 -Wisconsin Dells Varsity tournament has been organized. Players will leave on Thursday, Aug 24th. Suburbans for travel are arranged and players will be staying at the Best Western which includes a continental breakfast. Players will return Saturday evening.

-Varsity Warm-Ups were discussed. Decision was made to purchase 18 warm-ups and re-use yearly. The varsity team will make the final decision on style after options presented by Coach Knetter.

-Team Dinner dates are as follows in the AHS commons: Wednesday, Aug 30th-Varsity; Monday, Sept 11th-Varsity; Monday, Oct 2nd-JV; and Wednesday, Oct 11th-JV2.

  1. New Business

Concessions (4 home games & 2 tournaments). Options discussed and decision made for volleyball to do our own concessions. A sign-up sheet for parents will be at the picnic. -Special Home Game Night Events this year. Decision made to have players decide if and for what cause.

-Website will go live on 8/17/17 (

-OshKosh Tournament. All 3 teams are going. Team dinner after at Golden Corral and meal cost approved.

 -Spring League coaches were approved for $100 gift card.

Next meeting will be on September 20, 2017


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